Janice hoffman, owner & Designer

Sweetwater Design works with homeowners, businesses and builders throughout Chester County, PA. We create exclusive interiors that are functional, comfortable and reflective of our clients’ personality, lifestyle, and perspective.

inspiration... transformation

We cater to clients that desire unique and personalized spaces with an appreciation for crafted finishes, heirloom quality furniture, "to the trade only" furnishings and curated interiors.

A Huge Success

"Thanks to Sweetwater Design the entire project was a huge success. We continue to be thrilled and amazed by the results. We definitely recommend Sweetwater Design for your next project!"

kriciarb, houzz

I Love Everything

"Janice made selections for paint and fabrics that I would never have dreamed of using; yet I love everything she picked and have gotten many compliments on her selections."

Janet McColgan, houzz